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Class blogging

"Parents like to see what their child has been doing at school, and students feel proud of their work".

Rebecca Ronald
Mercury Bay Area School

I created a class blog so that my students can share their work with parents online.  In doing this, I needed to be aware that in posting my students’ work online I had to be respectful of their privacy.

Addressing privacy issues

Although we have a section in our enrolment form that parents sign granting permission for the school to use photos of their child for promotional purposes, I don’t like to rely on this. I think that ethically I should ensure that students are aware that their photo or work may be posted online, and if they are uncomfortable about this I can remove it. I try to use this process to role-model good practice regarding posting images of other online.

From a cybersafety perspective, I ensure that I only ever use students' first names in the blog to protect their privacy and ensure safety.


Parents like to see what their child has been doing at school, and students feel proud of their work. The authentic audience also inspires higher quality work among some of my less-thorough students!

I found it easy to post work online using blogspot, and got plenty of positive feedback from parents. The students like looking at the blog and admiring their work. My next steps are to ask the students to make their own blogs, which they can use as ePortfolios.

Social media type

  • Learners

    Teachers have a professional obligation to develop and maintain professional relationships with learners based on the best interests of those learners.

  • Parents/Guardians and Family/Whānau

    Social media provides a great opportunity to collaborate and communicate with parents and whānau.

  • Society

    Teachers who model good social media use will grow learners who apply positive, respectful values in their interactions on social media platforms.

  • The Profession

    As a member of the profession you should seek and respond to opportunities to share knowledge and discuss concerns.