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    • Derek Wenmoth from Core Education talks about how teachers can benefit from using social media.
    • Karen Melhuish Spencer of Core Education outlines how these resources can be used in schools for professional development.
    • Deanne Thomas of Core Education talks about social media, values and Māori learners.
    • Sean Lyons from Netsafe talks about how social media can be a great tool as long as the right safeguards are in place.
    • Teachers Council Director, Peter Lind explains why the Teachers Council has created these resources.
    • Suzie Vesper of Core Education discusses how teachers can use social media to connect with each other.

  • Learners

    Teachers have a professional obligation to develop and maintain professional relationships with learners based on the best interests of those learners.

  • Parents/Guardians and Family/Whānau

    Social media provides a great opportunity to collaborate and communicate with parents and whānau.

  • Society

    Teachers who model good social media use will grow learners who apply positive, respectful values in their interactions on social media platforms.

  • The Profession

    As a member of the profession you should seek and respond to opportunities to share knowledge and discuss concerns.