Professional development and learning module – social media and commitment to parents/guardians and family/whānau

Why use this module?

Teachers work in collaboration with parents/guardians and family/whānau and encourage their active involvement in the education of their children.

Social media can be a great way to communicate with parents/whānau and can help you to keep them up to date with their children’s learning, and seek feedback and input.

Content (such as newsletters, pictures, student work) can be shared easily but social media can also provide an easy way for material to be passed along to many people and can be difficult to retrieve. Teachers should bear in mind their professional obligation to parents/guardians and family/whānau when using social media, and balance that against what is in the best interests of their learners.

Learning objectives

  • Learn how to identify and manage ethical dilemmas
  • Consult with parents/whānau about social media use, what the learning intentions are (when using it for teaching and learning purposes) and what will be shared.

How to use this module

Watch the video and work through the questions in part one of the resource pack with your colleagues.

Work through the activities in part two of the resource pack with your colleagues.

You can edit the resource packs to add or change activities to suit your needs.

Other supporting resources you will need

Guidelines on Ethical Use of Social Media
Social media map

Your school/centre policy on consent required from parents/guardians.

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  • Learners

    Teachers have a professional obligation to develop and maintain professional relationships with learners based on the best interests of those learners.

  • Parents/Guardians and Family/Whānau

    Social media provides a great opportunity to collaborate and communicate with parents and whānau.

  • Society

    Teachers who model good social media use will grow learners who apply positive, respectful values in their interactions on social media platforms.

  • The Profession

    As a member of the profession you should seek and respond to opportunities to share knowledge and discuss concerns.